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San Bernardino High School Reviews

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Living in this area is something I don't flaunt.There are so many things that can be changed. This area would be nice if the community payed attention and actually cared.
San Bernardino is dirty, ghetto, and broke. Though it is all those things, its my home and I would live here again. This city os full of characters and humble people that really shaped the way i am. This city used to be known as the friendly city, i hope in the future we can come back to that.
There really are not any big companies around this area mainly little barber shops here and there or fast food restaurants and markets. I wouldn't say its the best place to look for a job.
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A lot of the businesses in this are either really ugly looking from the outside or closed down. Many businesses in San Bernardino look abandoned or just closed down, it is such a poor looking city that I just usually pass by restaurants or shops and just thin too myself "I wouldn't go in there" I guess its just mainly In San Bernardino and that city is just poor looking all the way from streets too parks.