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San Antonio International Airport Vicinity Reviews

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This is a great area of town. It's very central and provides easy access to the 4 primary highways: 281, 410, I10, and 1604. In general, commutes are no longer than 25 minutes. It's also in a great school district. Lots of restaurants, grocery stores in the vicinity. It is also great and very convenient to be close to the airport.
The area is nice and the schools in the area are great schools. Traffic can get heavy when the schools let out and when the workday is over. The area is slowly improving as more and more people move into the neighboorhood.
There is a large mall, a movie theater and lots of restaurants and hotels around the SAT airport. However, traffic in the area can be quite congested during rush hour and it is easy to get lost since many streets are not laid out in a grid pattern.
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A lot of traffic during all hours, due to being near multiple major highways. Traffic flow and hours can be extremely unpredictable. A central location to live, and extremely affordable housing and apartments available.
There is very little traffic in this area, and there is immediate access to numerous restaurants and various businesses. People are friendly and courteous. I prefer to live in this part of San Antonio as opposed to other densely-populated areas.
I lived in the San Antonio International Airport Vicinity for a little over a year. The area was very friendly. There are a lot of hotels for out of town guests, and Northstar mall is very close. Papadeaux is an awesome restaurant among man others within minutes.
I love being close to everything! There is plenty of variety in shopping and dining. A great city bus system, and easy access to all major highways. This is the NEISD and in such boasts some of the best schools in town. There are plenty of sites everywhere you go so you don't have to only be referred to downtown. Traffic can get heavy but with all major exits and entrances to major highways easily connected to the vicinity of the airport you will still be on time wherever you go!
clean, quiet, and great people! The food is unique, and there seems to be always something to do. I have worked in the area, and enjoyed it. The ambiance is great!
Great atmosphere and environment every one is very friendly. The cost of living is at a great expense
Believe it or not the noise from the airport is not a problem, but the crime careful xspecially near Blanco and West area, not a area for the gunless.
The airport, in my opinion, is easy to get in and out. It is also very convenient to two major highways.
Congested area. The highways in that area could be less difficult and less confusing. I work in the area and must drive through the area morning and evening. Rush hour is horrible. There are two highways with upper and lower decks. It is horrible if you miss your exit, especially if headed towards town. You will have to drive about 5 miles just to turn around and go back.
I like that fact that you have access to the mall and all major highways. I would change the layout of the highways. The design does not go well with the traffic.
Its a "gated community" that has no fence and you're able to walk onto the property from the back.
There is always room for improvement, but this is a nice location, close to work, with great people living here. Its close to down town and many other popular locations with good food.
I really don't live in a great area of town. It could be worse, but it could always be better. I live near the airport and have a railroad less than a mile down the road. But I have pretty quick access to I-35, 410, and the Downtown area.
To be honest, I hear a lot of sirens in my area of town. Granted it's not the greatest section but there's worse places to be. It's been my experience that the police here are pretty responsive. They arrive pretty quick, they are calm and controlled. They handle whatever comes their way with courage and grace
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San Antonio's population is somewhere along the lines of 2 million, but honestly it really doesn't feel that way most times. I think it's because it's so sprawled out. Folks aren't stacked on top of each other, there's room to spread out. San Antonio has the perfect balance of a major metropolitan and country feel to it.

There's tons of things to do, something for every interest; from historical sites to the ballet and opera; from Six Flags to playing golf. We have a wide variety of colleges and tech schools too. There's really something for everyone here.
The crime is very low and the safety will be there when you need it.
My neighborhood is an overall good place to live. Low amount of crime and helpful kind neighbors. People would be lucky to find a house and live in this neighborhood.