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The county, does have a high rate of crime however in the city of highland it is not too high. There are police always patrolling around keeping an eye out. There is a police station near by that is always helpful. The schools are also very involved in preventing future crimes.
If I could do it allover again I would still choose to live here. It is a nice house and the neighborhood is very quiet. Everything is near by, the grocery store, schools, and church, which is very convenient. For the future I see the area getting better as a community.
There are always homeless people at the end of the highland exit.
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This area is fair, I can't complain. There is everything I need within a few minutes drive.
The stores are your average run of the mill. Nothing stands out as spectacular but they are not run down nor have noticeable rude customer service. You pay for your service and leave. The few individual mom-and-pop shops are not noticeable, therefore leaves any traveler to visit the nearest big company owned like Staters or Dollar Tree since they are easier to spot. This could possibly be blame on location and landscape presentation/design.
The overall job outlook in San Bernardino county is highly competitive next to nonexistant. Regardless from what part of San Bernardino county one comes from, one will be competing for work with the locals with the few jobs available. One can only hope for the next holiday season so that they may be hired by a temp agency. However, those who can obtain some kind of work would have to have connections through friends, family, or some associate at school. As can be seen by the situation, employers have risen the job entry level experience resulting in those who have neither networks or work experience to be out of luck.