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House looks worse on the outside but has a huge backyard. All houses are unique and different.
I have never had an issue, but I hear of many incidents such as stolen bikes. Be prepared and smart and you and your belongings will be fine!
Many people consider Tucson to be a slum filled with hobos, but it is a beautiful place. I have never not felt safe and the downtown region is expanding and developing everyday!
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The area is necessary to be close to campus and near friends. However, the University is location between the freeway in the airport in a relatively poor and run down outside area. South of the University is generally unsafe whereas east and further north are safe areas. The homes in the surrounding area are predominately 1950s traditional Tucson stucco and brick homes. This means the toilets are heavy flow, the windows are old, the pipes are rusted and the rooms are usually small. This tends to make landlords more reactive than proactive when it comes to home repair and maintenance.