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The Sammamish Plateau is a very safe, family-based community who are always willing to help those in need. This area is constantly building new infrastructure to expand and add to the community such as food shops and exercise centers.
I have lived on the Sammamish Plateau on and off for 10 years. My home is on one of the highest locations on the plateau and I love seeing the Cascade Mountains and sunrises from my bedroom window. The neighborhoods are quiet and everyone keeps their yards looking pretty. I really like Sammamish. it is close to the college I go to and feels like it's 30 minutes to anywhere, Bellevue, Seattle, Issaquah, Snoqualmie Falls... It has grown a lot in the past few years and is now getting congested and the stores and roads are more crowded. It doesn't feel as neighborly. People are moving here from all over the place and this scares me a little as the roads and building regulations are not keeping up with the influx of people. I might move soon if it gets any worse. I will miss Sammamish if I do have to move. But I am very glad I had the opportunity to live here.
No real problems. You can tell that the police are somewhat bored though since they're sometimes over-responsive when something actually happens (i.e. a car crash).
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I personally love western Washington weather, but I know it's not for everyone. Sammamish in particular is great though - low crime, pretty scenery, nice people. The only major drawback is that it's not very diverse.
Very low crime rate; some domestic violence, DUIs here and there, vandalism
Friendly, great place to raise kids, high home value
Very, very safe area to be. Crimes are not prevalent and typically the police are out and responsive when needed.
It's very safe and there are a lot of different restaurants and other stores around the area. People are generally friendly and it's a great place to raise kids. The schools are awesome to set kids up for heading off to higher education. Compared to the rest of the country, it's a very beautiful, clean, safe place to be and I have loved growing up here!!
The crime and safety in Sammamish is not a problem at all. There is hardly any crime in the area and people here feel very safe. That's one of the reasons why living here is in demand right now. The police are always present and I think all three high schools in the area have a security guard/police officer at all times.
The area I live in is awesome. People who live here are very successful and there are lots of businesses and employment opportunities. I would choose to live here again because it is a very safe area with very low crime rates. The only problem is that it is expensive to live here because it is an area lots of people want to live. It has good schools and its very close to other cities like Redmond, Issaquah and Seattle. I would say it is the fourth best city compared to everywhere else. In the future, I see more people moving here and businesses striving.
With the newly elected officials it will be even better!
I'm so lucky to have grown up in Sammamish. I didn't appreciate it as much when I was a teen, being angsty and all, but Sammamish is a safe, beautiful place to spend your years and raise a family. It's not far from Seattle, either! That lack of distance also makes Seattle feel like home. It's the perfect pocket of Washington state.
We have lots of food options, and the restaurants are diverse.
Sammamish is extremely safe. There are very low crime rates.
Most people living here are in the tech industry, and it just keeps growing.
There are a lot of families with young children. As the kids leave for college, the parents will probably move as well.
We have lots of food but not much retail. Recent additions to the shopping center include Trader Joe's and Petco.
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The health and fitness in the area is pretty good. Workout facilities are not very accessible, but many people walk, run, or bike.
Lots of rain. Have to dress for the weather.
Need Ace Hardware or a hardware store of some kind back in the area.