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So charming! The houses are bursting with character. The area is eclectic and close to tons of wonderful shops, restaurants, etc. It is a gem of a neighborhood.
Police is definitely visible everywhere.
Tucson is a great place to visit and live because of the quality of life and friendly community.
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Theft is an issue around the university.
Tucson is a growing city with many young people coming in and adding to the lively atmosphere. The desert is beautiful though it gets hot here in the summer!
Don't get me wrong, I like my city. It is way cleaner than a lot of cities of its size, it is small enough to the point where I know the person who bags my groceries but big enough for there to be fun places to go eat, hangout and plenty of job opportunities. Personally I believe locally my city focuses way too much on fixing the streets and does not put enough money towards education. As far as elementary, middle and high schools go, if you want your child to get a good education, chances are you have to send them to a private school and pay yearly tuition. Cops focus almost entirely on giving teenagers chargers for drinking and possessing marijuana but rarely tackle the bigger issues.