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Whenever you hear the police you feel safe knowing that they're going to catch a bad guy.
This is the best place I have ever lived
Its mostly skate parks around my house, and one dog park that i know of across town.
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I have been looking for a job since 2012 in this area, and to no avail.
Its okay. The housing differs from house to house and if you're a home owner or rent Greatly differs the quality.
Its alot of high end stores, expensive stores in this area. Mostly, if you're looking for fun, you can find it. But, for everyday living, its a struggle to find healthy drug stores, late night food options for someone who works over night such as myself, and no retail clothing areas around. The only all around store thats able to meet ends and good prices, is almost 10 blocks from where I live and the store is Walmart.
its always nice and warm or hot
best thing is public transportation
i would move beach here to long beach if i ever left
i volenter at the church to serve the homeless
i really dont know much about the job market im currently in school to open my own resteraunt
lots of differnt food places great food
lot of drinkers and drugs if your in that area
really dont know much about
we have alot of stores here and resturaunts
the area i live is ok not much crime but alot of homeless people
there are mainly apartments here
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we live down by the beach 8 blocks to be exzact the problem about here is parking for the public ,there is not enough