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Lately shooting in the area have gone up. It pains to see the city like this. Also police have to get it together and act faster when emergencies happen.
It is very family oriented city. I miss my city when I go off to college in Fresno. The weather is just so nice. NEver to cold nor hot. I would love to buy my own house there
There great just the one that i put in the middle of poor just need work that's all.
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Jobs should be hiring a little bit more just because the fact that a lot of teenagers are looking for a job now.
There is never crime around the area, if so hey would do something about it. Do to the fact that I live in a calm area.
Most people are hispanics, and they are very friendly.
Yes because there are bus stops, stores, and schools near by.
There is a laundromats near, and gas station which is very convenient.
there are people that have been here for many years others move often. Some have dogs other have cats. There are families with kids and even grandchildrens.
There are bus stops, side walks.