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First neighborhood I lived in after moving from Minnesota! It is an absolutely beautiful area! There are trees lining a majority of the streets, the neighborhoods are safe and filled with beautiful homes and condominiums. It is in a great location and easy to get to Poway, Rancho Penasquitos, Carmel Mountain area, Rancho Bernardo etc.
We always have a security car driving around the community at night checking for unknown vehicles and any suspicious activity.
The area I live in is very quiet and welcoming. We are constantly getting new people in our community and have never had an issue with anyone or anything.
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In the area that I live in, I haven't heard of crime at all. Different parts of San Diego are going to have different crime ratings... but I haven't really heard of crime here being as bad as crime in LA. I rarely see police around. I'll see them maybe a few times a month, but I've talked to a couple police officers and they seem pretty nice.
This area is pretty great... I mean there's so much to do! You can go to the beach, there's so many beautiful malls to hit, and there's just everything - everywhere. San Diego is cool because the landscape changes every 20 miles in each and every direction you head. I think it's very pretty, and a fun place to be. Plus, most of the people are so super friendly and outgoing.

But it has its downsides. Like (of course in California), mostly everyone is a horrible driver. There can be traffic, but it is not nearly as bad as LA - so I don't really mind. But, I honestly couldn't even count how many times someone has carelessly almost hit me in the 5 months that I've lived here. Also, even though I was told that its 80 degrees year round here many times, it's totally NOT. So, be prepared for solid 60 degree weather at times.

Other than that San Diego is awesome!
Our back yard in a natural preserve. Sabre Springs is the area.
The just finished a new transit center about 4 blocks from my home. It includes access to HOV lanes, express bus from central San Diego to downtown San Diego.
This is what I call home! San Diego is the best place on earth to live!
My moms life partner has been the original owner of the house we live in, approx 24 years. There is a community park just 4 blocks away, that have events during spring, summer & fall. Our local school holds drives for recycling on a quarterly basis.
Lots of part time work for someone my age. 18-23 yrs
Good mix of middle class families from all regions. Some native to California, others from other countries. Many families with young children in grade school, because we have one of the best schools in San Diego, county.
Average. not much happens around here for cops to be called
Average businesses around the area. Just for the small Poway town