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Having a ranch around me, means I can be free, ride horses and things of that nature. It takes away stress.
Public service is at right price and very useful!
Police stations are around every corner so crime is not a big deal here in my area.
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The weather is great in Texas.
They have many restaurants near by, these are some, Aw Shucks, which you can get all the type of seafood that you need. We also got Jason's Deli, mainly all the food restaurants have great quality in food and have a great environment.
I work for Dicks Sporting Goods, it's a great company that pays me what I deserve if not much more. It has great benefits and allows me to work but still focus on school. A lot of people around here are very high on choosing retail stores, because of it's benefits.
Fiesta market is the one I picked because, it has everything I need all in that store and it's walking distance from my house. From a light bulb or any working tool to all the groceries. Which is very helpful. It's better than other shops because that store has everything in one. The employees are amazing and very helpful.