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I love living in this neighborhood and have almost never felt threatened while living here. I grew up in this neighborhood, I would never want to grow up any where else. I have very fond memories or riding my bike around the block, dancing in sprinklers and even learning how to skateboard with my dad. The housing could have been a little better but I am overall very satisfied.
crime is out and about but its only a few times a month you'll hear something that's out of hand like shootings and robbery
some words come to mind when "Alaska" comes up, words like "eskimo" or "snow" and "cold" are definitely the most common when really it's simply majestic. Seeing a city with the most amazing mountains right in front of your eyes even though they are miles away, in the winter time it's like the Christmas tree that levels the whole room with it's size and shape but in the summer time it's green looks not only matches the clear skies but shows the prime of life in Anchorage Alaska. A time where the sun never goes down but hides for a few hours only to make a beauty of an entrance in the early mornings. I love Alaska!
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Lots of crime. But police try to respond quickly
Crime in mountain view is getting worse
I love Alaska, I have lived in Fairbanks and Anchorage and I have made this state my home. The people here are kind and I don't see crime much as I did in Texas. We always get a bad rap because there is so much violence and drug abuse in the villages in rural Alaska. But there is so much else here that is beautiful and wonderful.
I love the combination of city and nature interwined in this area.
It's really hard to find a decent job here.