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There is not much crime in the city except for the paramedics helping the elderly.
This area is a good place to live in because it is usually quiet and everyone minds their own business.
I loved this area! I moved to North Beach, San Francisco, after living in the Tenderloin neighborhood. It was an interesting socio-economic contrast. I loved both experiences. Lombard Street (the location given for this survey) offered a high quality of life and romantic backdrop to my everyday living.
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Safety around the area is good. There aren't much crime going around that often.
Community is great. Neighbors are friendly and we occasionally say hi when we see each other on the streets.
The housing and apartments here are not the best, but it is bearable.
This place has the best weather ever! I love how it does not get too hot nor too cold.
There are a great variety of foods around the area, especially Asian culture foods.
Jobs are plenty in the area. There are various types of jobs from stocking groceries, working in a dry cleaner, busing at a restaurant, and public health services around the area. It is easy to find a job that pays minimum or even below, but to find a really good job that pays above minimum wage it is hard.
There are a lot of mom-and-pop shops around. Fresh food and groceries shops are just a block or two away.
Gyms are popping up everywhere nowadays, there at least 6 or 7 within walking distance of me. I see people running all the time!
Property is expensive here in San Francisco no matter where you live. As a result, abandoned buildings are constantly being renovated. Gentrification is a byproduct of this, as wealthy individuals and companies move into lower income areas forcing locals and long time residents out.
As with most urban areas, it's important to keep valuable items out of sight when storing them in your car. Asides from car break-ins there really isn't much to worry about in this area.
I love San Francisco's weather. Oftentimes the day will begin foggy and cool, somewhat chilly. As the day progresses, the sun emerges and by early afternoon it's a beautiful day. The temperature tends to hover from the 50s to the high 70s year round. Rain is always nice and we get a fair amount of that as well. It's almost never too much rain, just gentle enough so that it's comfortable.

Earthquakes are a possibility, but not a large one. It's important to ensure your home is prepared and supported properly, including an emergency evacuation kit. (Food, water etc.)
As a high school senior with limited availability and little work experience, I was surprised how quickly I found a job opening. It took several days browsing Craiglist and other online job resource finders but I landed myself a retail position at a small, growing, health store. I am paid slightly above the San Francisco minimum wage and I am treated excellently by my employers. Nearby shop owners even greeted me on arrival to my new position.
San Francisco maintains an incredibly high cost of living. The advantage of this however, is that you get what you pay for. Restaurants are high quality and serve phenomenal foods. Many stores in this area market towards specific types of people, particularly young urban professionals, something you see frequently in San Francisco. Competition for space forces businesses to offer only top tier service or be replaced by another business who can do it better.