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The area I live in is okay. Once we settled in a couple surrounding neighbors looked at for me and the house. As folks moved in and out there was always one that we connected with. On the other hand those few we connected with left the sketchy and unpredictable persons, young kids included. If I could get up and move right away, I would. I truly see this part of town getting worse and worse.
The crime rate is increasing. I hope that things get right in this community.
there is multiple killings every day. I think its going to get worser.
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A lot of people running red lights

Street walks don't work

More cameras on streets
Area more cleaner

Better jobs

Newer homes/apartments

Less violence
I don't really know how long a person tend to live in this area. Some stay for awhile while others leave within the year of living there. I'm not involved with the people in the neighborhood. Even though we should all be involved with each other on improving the neighborhood.
The cost of living is reasonable. It goes by the tenant's income. There is not many abandoned apartments around, they fill up quick. The tenant has to pay for their own utilities.
Crime is everywhere. Even in the nice neighborhoods. My neighborhood, however has seen its fair share of crime. It's not too bad. The police usually do rounds when needed.
Well unless the people are willing to change, the neighborhood would only get worse. Its not the worst place to live however it is not the best. Overall things are quiet except in the summertime. I would live here again because getting picked for this place saved my life, so to speak.
The experience is overall okay. The atmosphere is calm. I wouldn't mind living here again. It is not the best area, but it is home.
I love the local stores