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I love Jacksonville I was born here and will always come back
The area and neighborhood is good.
I don't really have any issues with crime or safety in this area. For example, Left my keys in the door, my neighbor politely knocked on the door and told me. I was extremely surprised, but thankful in every way.
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Florida is seriously bipolar. One day its sunny, one day its thundering and lighting. Its sad but true in every way
Though I cant drink yet, the bars and restaurants in this area are seriously good places to chill and just relax in.
In all honesty, I've applied in my area and I couldn't get hired. But I'm sure if I tried hard enough I could.
The Publix on Baymeadows is very clean and have friendly employees that welcome you on the spot!
can't really find a job that suits me without going to college or some sort of institution
One thing that is wonderful about where I live there are state parks and parks and beaches galore and also just carnivals and everything is at leat within 30-45 away from you whichever side of the city you live in
Its Tropical season and then it's hot , then it's cool, then it's cold. we have all different types of tropical weather conditions. I am actually use to it so it doesn't bother me very much
It happens but it's not like a massacre
we have them when we need them
Its something based on personal preferences
the area is full of all types of culinary Diversity
I love where I live... But I myself like to learn more and that's why if any reason I would want to live somewhere else..
it doesn't happen on a day to day basis but we get it all and it's so much fun
I see so many people jogging and running , yes there are area to get your alcohol and cigarettes, but underage consumption is not prohibited
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whatever type of transportation you need we have
The only thing that I can say is that there are plenty of places to live but. the conditions are not as great as the Brochures make it look. I know that even in my own home.. the conditions of how well they keep up the maintenance is very minimum
The Business for the most part are very friendly and family Oriented. You never feel like a stranger after your first time there... the customer service is great and very chipper