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Roxbury an average place it is dangerous at times also have experience shootings in front and a street down my house and also a drive-by but out of that nothing else but also keep in mind what part of Roxbury u live in
I like how everything is close by and nothing is far away. I would like to see less road construction or at least finish them off quicker because it been many months now near dudley
I have lived in the Roxbury area for more than 10 years. It has gotten much better in terms of violence. In the last few years a park was renovated near the apartment where I live(marsella park) and it has bring a lot of families to spend time together at this location. It is nice to see how there are things that have been made to help our community.
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Depending on whether the part of Roxbury is more or less gentrified you'll see big difference in settings and overall community and police engagement. If working class black or brown would not recommend not a lot of policy's are followed within the community and depending on how long you live in that community your interactions could differ either positively or negatively.
For what it's worth, I would say the only thing acceptable about Roxbury is the location itself. You're surrounded by everything. Rather is the grocery store, library, or a bus stop. It's easy to get around. It's quiet around here. Sometimes. I gave my review three stars because violence can happen in this area, but where else doesn't violence happen? It happens everywhere. Most people, specifically people who live in a town, or suburbs get the wrong idea of living within the city of Boston. It's urban living. This isn't the suburbs, so you're going to hear sirens, there's going to be all types of things going on all at once because it is a city. People need to see that Roxbury isn't what the news views it to be and that's "constant shootings". That's not the case. You need to visit the neighborhood yourself and not be judgemental. It's not all bad as some people may put it.
Roxbury is a fun and surprising area to live in it has ups and down just like every other place but as a residence and born and raised there it's an okay place to live
I lived here for a year and this area is very convenient! Bus stops, shopping areas and recreational buildings are very close. There is a lot of construction but life is easier since everything is around the corner.
Having grown up in Roxbury I´ve seen very little change and growth in my city! One thing I would like to have seen change is the way people greet and meet each other. My explanation of this is the way people treat each other now because now a days its terrible you cant even say hello to someone with out being pushed around or with out them wanting to fight you!
Roxbury is up and coming. What i would love to see is our people remain in our neighborhood and grow instead of being pushed out with no choice.
I live on Blue Hill Avenue and I can only look forward to the fact this area is supposed to redone. Of course raising prices and running all the minorities out, but that's a given.
My experience living in Roxbury has been interesting to say the least. I feel more connected with my community simply living here, as Roxbury has been a major catalyst and movement for change. Though we have a lot to improve on (just as other communities), I feel that more change would be effective if the change was actually left to the members of this community instead of bigger organizations who are just trying to make a profit. We have so much more to offer.
Roxbury is changing fast to meet the springing population and demands of the downtown Boston workforce. Homes are being bought and renovated, brownstones are being brought back to life and home-buyers are reinvigorating their charm with modern decor and upscale ambiance. There is an old school, hardworking diverse attitude with older blue collar residents that remains in this urban setting which keeps Roxbury grounded and determined to succeed.
The culture of Roxbury (being very pro-black) is what I love about this gorgeous city the most. We have a Frederick Douglass memorial, a Malcolm x memorial, and a housing system named after Nelson Mandela. What i would like to see change is the amount of gun violence in my area.
Roxbury has its ups and downs as any other neighborhood. There are specific spots such as Dudley that are less advantaged and have the less fortunate people who are mental issued, on drugs and homeless but there are places that are less violent and uphold the view of what society considers "not hood-like"
the neighborhood itself if very diverse. I love that right around where I live there are a lot of hispanics just like me. but the crime is crazy. people are getting shot and stabbed in broad daylight. everything is close by so it is good but the only thing that really sucks about the neighborhood is the crime.
I like how connected everyone is to each other. I dont like how busy it is during the day especially during rush hour, it's unbearable.
I love the diversity, culture, and history of Roxbury. I've grown up in Roxbury all my life and have grown to love and appreciate the essence of my neighborhood. I only wish it wasn't so unsafe and dangerous and so EXPENSIVE to live around.
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I love roxbury because their is a community of member who Is willing to help those who are in need for assistance.
I've been living in Roxbury my whole life. Roxbury has gone through a lot of positive changes since I've become an adult now. Conveniently located next to schools/colleges, public transportation, hospitals/clinics, grocery stores, and restaurants. I also love the diversity of the residents. The only problem is with gentrification.
Roxbury is my home, and has been for most of my life. It is quickly and shamelessly being gentrified! My concern is that if affordable housing goes away, so will the diversity. The houses here reach up to the millions in costs, and rents are way out of control. These things put me a little on edge.

Also, I rated the schools, but my children are not in Boston Public Schools, because they have a record of being very poor. I am also not certain about the job market in Roxbury, because it's been years since I have worked right in my own neighborhood.