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Living in Roxborough offers a small town feel while being yet very close to a metro area only 10 miles away in Philadelphia. However if you work in the city the commute to home is brutal. Expect to spend about an hour during rush hour to get into the city. Overall this is a diverse community that offers its residents a safe, friendly, affordable place to reside at any age.
I love my neighborhood. Roxborough is full of fun activities, culture, great places to eat and visit and history. Ive been a resident for over 5 years now, and have never once felt like my life was in danger or that I was not safe. I can walk down the street without worrying that I will be robbed or that harm may come to me. What I also enjoy is there is a lot of areas to exercise. Their are 3 gym in my area, along with bike, hiking trails nearby. Manyunk is not to far from my house (which is like an upscale South Street). There is great restaurants and stores nearby and a lot of Art influences that make the community beautiful. I feel blessed to live here and would recommend starting a family in this area.
Great place to live and call home. I will be living here for many more years since it has it all. The political situation shows the idiocracy though.
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I could not possibly choose just one thing to like about Roxborough. There are so many things to like! Every single person here is so friendly and very welcoming. The location is great because we are a 15 minute drive from the city and there are many local shops that are in walking range. The schools here are great as well. There are a good selection of public, private and catholic schools. The place is very family oriented and we have many parks and recreational facilities for family’s to go to and be a part of. Philadelphia is also the home of the super bowl champs everyone would love to live here. Go Birds !
Friendly community of people who make any stranger feel welcome. There are many restaurants around the area with great food.
Great neighborhood to meet young adults and enjoy the perks of living in a city. Biggest perk is also having lots of grass/trees/parks which makes you feel like you are in the suburbs. Best of both worlds.
People arerude they look at u like your crazy This not the place i would recomend visiting.Although there is so great places to eat.
Very tight knit community. We have lived here all our lives. Mostly quiet area and right by fairmount park.
Since I move here I like the community because is not like the one I came from, it was full of violence and drugs. Cop always around and helicopters, and since I move to Roxborough it been so different no violence and the cops are not always in the community. Here I could walk freely without having to be watching my back and I enjoy walking around the neighborhood and seeing the scenery. We also have everything near bye. Roxborough is the safest place I have live in since I move to Philadelphia and I am happy that I was able to move here.
Roxborough is a safe, beautiful and very friendly community in the Philadelphia area. There is so much to do here. From walks on Main Street to catching a movie at the United Artist Theatre, everything is close by and easily accessible. Walking and biking always in option in the community because nothing is too far and there are no worries about getting hurt because Roxborough is a very safe part of the city. Also, although the diversity isn't all the way there, I do see it progressing and becoming better day by day.
The neighborhood of Roxborough in the north west section of Philadelphia is the place I have spent my whole life. I have lived here ever since I was born. As much as I love my neighborhood, I cannot wait until I'm finished with college so I can see the rest of the world. Traveling is my goal and I hope that one day I am able to use my degree to allow me to help people and see a lot.
I love the community here in ROX. It is very diverse and the people are open and friendly. It is a great community for families and young adults. It is safe with very little problems and issues with neighbors.
Restaurants in Roxborough were only OK. Our apartment had around 10 mice throughout the year. I like that there are parking lots, and decent street parking. Not many parks, not many good stores for shopping.
Great Philly neighborhood. Urban and loaded with great places to go yet safe and quaint. Lots of great restaurants and easy access to center city. A fun and inviting place to be in Philadelphia.
I like how it's part pf Philadelphia, but with a suburban feel to it. It has access to all public transportation, just as you would in Center City, but it's a much quieter. I great area. I would like to see help given to some of the local people with addiction issues, but overall a great place to live.
Occasional wave of burglaries and car break-ins. The class of residents improves as you drive further into the neighborhood towards Andorra. Not very many restaurant choices.
It's a nice neighborhood. I've lived here my whole life. The people are nice and the environment is friendly. Everyone seems to know everyone.
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I have lived in Roxborough all of my life. 22 years to be exact. I love the neighborhood. It's one of those neighborhoods where everyone knows each other. There are plenty of local businesses. You can walk to any store whenever you need to. The one problem is over-development in the area.
Roxborough is a neighborhood in Philadelphia that does not have a city feel to it. Most people live in Roxborough because it feels just like living in a suburb. The people are friendly and it is a safe place to live.
Wissahickon park is incredible! You can ride bikes, jog or go horseback riding. There is the river for kayaking its fantastic