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People live here a long time. It's a community.
Crime isn't that bad. Teens do vandalize the park.
Living in this area is ok compared to living anywhere else in New York City. My area of Arden Heights has a lot of nature around. I would move here all over again if I had to if I wanted to live in New York City. I would love to move out of New York State to a state in the south where it is warm.
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This is a good area to live in. The atmosphere is good and it's a nice place for kids to grow up. It is a good community.

I would live here again because of the community for the children.
It's safe, but it is very hard to go anywhere if you do not have a car.
It's average. There were kids when i was younger and its a nice neighborhood.
I wish my salary was triple then I can live without worry.
Many young drug addicts in this area. I feel the police need to crack down on drug pushers.
It is a very busy residential area
There's really fat people and then there's the body builders. No real medium.
I mean, Staten Island isn't the greatest part of NYC but it's close enough to the city to be ok
The city is the main tourist attraction, not Staten Island.
We're the green borough so thats cool? The beaches are terrible.
Potholes are TERRIBLE here, and people suck at driving but the main congestion is during rush hours- which is to be expected.
Everyone's amazing. It's a mixing bowl!
It's New York. NUFF SAID.
I've never heard of any real crime.
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The pay does not equal the cost of living. Raises are not given often.
There are major chain stores everywhere but if youre a regular the workers get to know you like mom and pop stores