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I have been living in Roslindale for almost 9 years, overall is a safe neighborhood, have the best transportation to get around, job opportunities, fun activities.
The places are so quiet, beautiful, and there is so much accessibility. Public transportation is easily accessible, the food stores are right around the corner. Public offices are so engaged with their residents, and so on.
I live in the town houses that are located on beech st in roslindale. The houses and neighborhood is amazing to look at. Its a very quit neighboorhood also which is a bonus. I lived there for several years. Before these town houses my neighborhood used to be apartments. Which some people may call projects. The neighborhood now is a huge transformation from what it used to be.
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Roslindale is a neighborhood in Boston, MA. I grew up here most of my life and feel this was one of the perfect place for me.
Roslindale is a neighborhood of Boston. It has a very vibrant little village with a great farmers market. It is a short commute drive wise into downtown Boston, but via public transportation you must take a bus to Forest Hills or the commuter rail which is more expensive but less frequent. Housing has gotten expensive. Housing is a mix of smaller houses and multiple family housing. The Boston Public Schools are challenging and mixed though getting better.
I think that Roslindale is one of the best neighborhoods in Boston. It's relatively safe, it's diverse, the food is great, and there's an awesome farmer's market. I have lived here my whole life and I would not want to live anywhere else.
Roslindale is a very quiet and calm place. It is very good to raise children. From there, it's easy to go to Boston and also easy to get access to train, bus, some products, etc...
Great city with lots of things to offer! Diversity and cultural activities being offered as well as a Farmers' Market every weekend.
Ive been living in Roslindale for about 6 years and I love the community. My neighbors are great & as well as the rest of my neighbors on my street. Theyre friendly and I feel like it was a great decision that i have made to move here.
The neighborhood is quiet, there are numerous places to eat in Roslindale Square. It is easily accessible by public transportation. Forest Hills Station is in close proximity, and from there it is easy to get to Downtown Boston.
Roslindale community is a good place for individuals who frequently commute by bus and trains. Because its close to forest hill station, its easier to get access to bus and train at any particular time and day. Also because the neighborhood is made up of different people from diverse backgrounds, it creates an opportunity for individuals living in the community to learn new language and make good friends. furthermore, there is a public library which serves as a source of information for residents.
on the other hand, rent is very expensive compared to other neighborhoods and this has led to more people relocating to other towns. Also, some part of the town is not good for raising children because of access to drugs. Noise is also one of the main challenges facing residents in Roslindale. All in all, I will say Roslindale is not a bad place to leave compare to other place.
I loved living here! It's a very nice neighborhood, with a lot of nice places to eat and hang out. There are a lot of buses that head to the Square, so you don't need to worry about getting here.
Roslindale is a great place to live. Though it has become less diverse, the diversity is still there. There are a lot of good places to eat and shop but there is no night life. It is a good place to raise a family, child friendly, with many parks, quiet calm streets, and safety.
I have lived in Roslindale for more than 7 years, and it's one of the best neighborhoods in Boston! I have never had any problems living here! It's a pretty chill place to live and the streets aren't very loud. The people are very friendly and calm. There is a lot of diversity and different kinds of people. We have nice open space in the square. There is also a community center for young people, and a couple schools. There are lots of food, grocery stores, and small shops where you can get what you need. It is very easy to access the mbta (train and bus), with a few commuter rail stops. Overall, Roslindale is a great neighborhood!
Roslindale is a quite neighborhood, however, it has it's up and downs. Two people around me< on the cross walker, has been hit and killed. Crime rate is low but there's a few.
Quiet community, close to everything. Very close to the city and all major sporting sites(Fenway, TD Garden). The downtown is going through a bit of a revival with new shops and places to eat starting up and staying local. I would say it is fairly safe here with a strong sense of community.
Up and coming neighborhood. Great for families and singles. Also there are several family restaurants. The small family owned businesses are also a delight yo shop in. You can find pretty much anything in the area through small business. A very nice neighborhood.
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Its quiet, everyone is nice they don't disturb one another. Theirs Old, Young, we keep it mutual theirs a lot of take outs groceries stores with a lot of good things Fruits veggies ect. They are hair places if the ladies or gents need a hair cut. A couple of Schools library's banks and even a Flower shop.
My neighborhood in Roslindale are very respectful and helpful. They always ready to help and treat everyone equal.
Roslindale is great because there are a lot of options for restaurants, shopping, and hair/nails. It is on the mbta line and therefore bus accessible. There is a ton of parking with no restrictions if you are interested in buying a home here