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Not much crime but shootings have begun to occur nearby.
It is not really dangerous but has gotten worse over the last couple of years. I do not think I would live there again especially with people cutting the down the street to get to the main street.
The police are not around
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This area is quiet and good schools
For the area of Norfolk that I am living in the crime isn't the worst. There will always be crime, but I believe that the police officers try to stop as much as possible and we rely on them to protect us and keep us as safe as possible. I feel safe where I am living and here about crimes on the occasion.
I love the area especially is right beside VA Beach. It;s nice being so close to many different stores and restaurants. A lot of the people who live here are very nice and it's fun just to be in a city that you could picture yourself living in for a long time.
There are a lot of abandoned properties that people hang out around. I believe that abandoned properties cause crime to occur.
Cars are constantly speeding down this street. People tend to live in this area for a while. Also there is a lot of traffic for a city that has under half a million people. Tolls get in the way and all we have here for jobs is mainly the military.
The only bad thing that has happened in the last three years was that the house next door caught fire. However, the fire department and police responded quickly. This is not a high crime neighborhood at all.
I live in an area that does not have much to offer teenagers and college students. But I do enjoy the fact that my neighbor is quaint and quiet.
This area doesn't not have a high rate of crime which is perfect. Kids are out playing and we don't have to worry about anything bad happening to them .
Not counting the apartments around the area, individual property conditions are between acceptable to great.
I've heard a couple of crimes occur around the area but at least I know the cops in the area do take action.
Other than the rare events of a strong storm during hurricane snow days, weather here is pretty average. It's cold when it needs to be and vice versa.
This area has a nice variety of food options
As of right now, although I scored a part time job at McDonalds through the use of my family connections, my high school friends are facing difficulties in finding ones.
A few retail shops around the area are closing down but at least food related ones appear to have strong business.