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I like the fact that their is always events that happens for the children such as block club parties and also back to school events. I would like to change the crime in a specific area even so the neighborhood still try to make it safe and fun for the children.
I have lived in the Roseland are since 1985 I attended Kohn Elementary. What I would like to see is for there to be less liquor stores in the neighborhoods and the reopening of some of the school that closed down and some community centers put in place. This will allow the new generation a opportunity to expand their minds and find a passion in life.
Roseland is an area with predominately black people and unfortunately, it is a poor neighboorhood. However, I wouldn't say it's the worst in the city. I would like for it to be more diverse than it is and maybe that will help growth and ways of new thinking. The schools need more funding but you do have some teachers and administrators who are committed to their job. The crime rates are of a great number, but as I stated, it's not the worst. I wouldn't recommend starting a family here unless you have to due to budgeting reasons. At night, the danger arises -so I wouldn't recommend hanging out at night. There are a lot of routes to take public transportation so that is a perk. It also has a lot of abandoned houses. You probably can find a row of them on each block, which can be good for real estate. Overall, I believe this neighborhood needs some real work. It needs leaders who truly care about revamping this area.
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Its quiet. The area I live in consists of retired seniors. However, there are some sirrounding areas with more age diversity. The Roseland community neighbors the historic pullman area. The schools need a little love though. There are plenty of beautiful homes in this area. Despite popular belief, Roselan is a nice place to live.
I've lived in Roseland for years after my mom moved us out of Englewood, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city. Roseland is definitely a step up. There is a lot more people here, less abandoned building, and nicer houses. It can be really "ghetto" sometimes though.
I grew up in the Roseland and the neighborhood is in shambles. As a kid it was more of a family oriented community. I would like to see it that way again and also to simply just clean up the area.
I grew up in Roseland. I learned more about it once I left. My grandma still lives there after 40 years.
Roseland has helped me meet a lot of friends. I love that everywhere in Roseland you can get to by public transportation. What I would like to see changed is the community involvement.
It's a loveable neighborhood that has great shopping options and excellent schools. Although just as there are advantages and things that we love about it. There are things that we are not so fond of and at the top of that list would be the violence. Any violence is too much but nevertheless I would still recommend anyone to live in the neighborhood.
I've lived in Roseland all my life, it is a neighborhood located on the Southside of Chicago. It is the home to the historical site, A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porters Museum founded in 1995 to honor the African American men and women hired to work on the railroads as porters and maids on the sleeping cars after the Civil War. These hard working and dedicated individuals serve the American railroads for 100 years starting from 1860's to the late 20th century. The museum is mostly accredited to A. Philip Randolph Porter a leader of the Civil Right Movement and American Labor Movement. He was the first black man to form the first all-black union called The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters in 1925. These courageous men and women are widely credited with contributing to the development of black middle class in America. On February 19, 2015, President Obama designated the Historic Pullman district a National Monument that is now a part of the National Park Service.
It's been home for over 15 years now and has a lot of depth and character. It was once plagued by extreme violence but there was a crackdown on the repeat offenders which cleared many streets. There are some truly hidden gems such as community gardens, parks, musems, bee keeping, cafes, etc. which lend a bit of charm and offer a piece of calm to the area.
Roseland is a quite urban area on the far south side of Chicago. Twenty-five minutes from downtown Chicago. Roseland has a great neighborhood school named Countee Cullen elementary. Roseland is a good place to live very quite, our residents are mostly African American, but over the years its becoming more diverse. I would like to change how people view Roseland as a Chicago south side neighborhood. I would like to get people more involved in changing the face of a long lost historic neighborhood.
Roseland is ripe with modern resources(space and accessibility), and the capacity to retain much infrastructure. The issue is neglect, no one cares to invest in the current residents, apparent, due to it being a food desert. I have lived here for 20 years and have seen a slow progression towards a more developed Roseland, which may or may not include individuals like myself.
Roseland is filled with local schools and has a wide range of stores so people can get their clothes all in one area if they please.
I used to love home of the hoagy. I want to see more black owned businesses and places to hang out at night. Also a health food store. I love the Elnora's herb store.
I like the fact that the neighbors help one another out with anything . I like that everyone helps keeps the neighborhood clean and safe so that kids can go out and play. The neighborhood is filled with great jobs for the youth . It has great schools in the area that works very well with the kids that attend and those who don't. Being part of this neighborhood I can say I feel safe because I have neighbors that's are high in crime watch . Overall the neighborhood is a great place to live in .
I like the fast pace city life but I would like to see the community built up more. Safer environments and activities for the youth.
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As I said in my previous response, the area where I live is pretty good.
The area that I live in is pretty decent middle class neighborhood. Homeowners care about their properties and their way of life. However, if you go about a mile in either direction it gets pretty bad with crime.
Potholes in the streets, lots of abandoned buildings.