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It's a very pretty neighborhood that is well maintained. My family inherited our house from my mother in-law after she passed away. The yard and house was over crowded with junk, and as we clean through and remove the junk, our neighbor is calling the city on us and reporting the efforts that we haven't been able to get to yet. This has cost my family thousands of dollars in tickets. My car as well as my across the street neighbors were both broken into.
The area is clean and safe.
I would really start all over again because I'm from the city and my city made some mistakes like every human being does I just love my beautiful city I have been living in for a while
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Not many sit down restaurants in the area. An abundance of fast food and soulfood in the area.
Several small business that were created out of community need and thriving growing locations have allowed for job growth.
More than it should be. Breaking and Entering, Auto Theft and Armed Robbery are the most common crimes. At its highest peak during the seasons of summer spring and fall.
The four seasons creates an unforgettable time in our city. The spring provides wonderful flowers and the beginning of beautiful lawns. The summer provides activities that showcases the beauty of the city and our community. Plenty of outdoor events. Neighbors participating in block events such as cleanups block, and club picnics. Fall shows the beauty of the seasons changing. Leaves are showing the beauty of nature and converting a tree field neighborhood into a park drive. Winter provides fluffy white snow and a clean cool (cold) day
The people in the area are diverse hard working and community oriented. The care about how the neighborhood looks, how it is maintained and how the city growth is important.
The houses are unique in architecture and history. Every house was built with a purpose in mind of standing out
The small businesses are more goods and services.