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Been living here my entire life. No complaints. Very safe neighborhood with nice and respectful people. Easy access to the city via the LIRR, MTA Bus, and Long Island Bus.
It’s a quiet area for the most part. It could be more friendly and the roads can be better but overall, it is my hometown and I love it.
I have been living in Rosedale for 6 years now. The location has great parking. For residents who need transportation, there are various options that are convenient to get to. The environment is friendly.
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Located on the southern border of Queens in New York City lies my local community, Rosedale. It is comprised of mostly Caribbean immigrants in pursuit of their American Dream. Despite the strife and obstacles, our parents often push us to strive for academic excellence so we, as first-generation Americans, can have opportunities that were not available to them.
It is a very peaceful neighborhood that I believe is the perfect fit for someone looking for a quiet and friendly place to reside.
It is quiet and tree lined. I would like the snow removal to be much better. The school system can be better in the sense of the material they learn however, it is great other than that. I truly love how close the malls in Long Island are. It is a little scary to be in the evacuation zone however we know what to do Incase there is an emergency. Finding parking in the evening hours is horrendous but overall it is an amazing place to live.
I been living in this neighborhood for my whole life. When you walk into the stores in town you feel as though its a family being greeted and treated nicely. Rosedale is a great place to raise your kids because it has a beautiful park and a lot of public elementary and middle schools.
Rosedale is a divine community of people. They are all friendly and loving. There is a abundant amount of African Americans in this community. It is a small town yet has alot of things to do here. It is a pretty safe neighborhood however every neighborhood has its fair share of crimes and criminals. The crime rate is very low and is very unlikely that a resident will feel unwelcome or unsafe
I've lived here for about 10 years and over the years, I've seen many changes. More stores being built, the change in traffic lights and new ones being put in place. There isn't that much violence in the area, and it's at the border of Long Island and Queens so it's pretty diverse, which I like.
I basically grew up here my whole life. My house is owned by my grandmother. If it wasn't for my grandmother, who took my brother, mom & I in when things went south, we dont know where we would be. I'm super thankful for her. The neighborhood itself has been good never really had any major problems here. I attended school around here and know many people around here.
I like that Rosedale is a family friendly neighborhood, its a master planned community with several different ethnics. its not far from public transportation and is near a shopping mall and great places to eat out; dine in or take out. One scary thing is Rosedale floods easily, a little rain and cause a massive issue.
It is a nice place to live at & find a good paying job. At the moment i am about to start a job in the area & i do not mind because i know a good amount of people in the area & they know me so its good.
Living in Rosedale, NY is wonderful. My neighbors and surrounding community are polite and understanding. I have a police department down the block from my residence, which is great.
Quiet with friendly people. Close to 5 town shopping center and green acres mall. A little too far from the city for me.
The sewer needs to be changed, once it rains you can't even walk around 259st. It is completely flood out!
Great neighborhood to live in. It is friendly and safe with the convenience of nearby shopping all while still providing that residential feel.
I like how Rosedale is quite and not crowded. I would change the roads, they need to be redone. The schools in the area have so much potential to be amazing if funding was provided, however they make die with what they have and many students who attend these schools go to college.
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I would like to see better enforcement on blocks that have stop signs. So many accidents happen in this area from the different stop signs and people especially dollar vans flying through them.
Rosedale is a quiet, family-based community. It is convenient with several stores to go to and easy access to transportation.
Safe neighborhood with a homely feel, many locals know each other by name which is rare anywhere in NYC!