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The worst part about this neighborhood is the higher costs- which have a lot to do with a high demand for living in Denver. There is a wide variety of both size and style, but the majority of them are bungalow/craftsman style that would easily house a family of 4. Most have a decent size yard in front and back. Quite a few have garages in the back, and depending on the street, good parking availability on the street. Vacancies do not last long unless the property is unappealing. Selling and renting market very good.
The people living in the area are almost exclusively families, with a sprinkling of DU students. Extremely family friendly with lots of school options in the area, very good park access, extremely pet friendly, especially dogs. There are many events at schools, churches, recreational centers that are available for locals to access and enjoy. Most people most likely know their neighbors at least a little bit, if not then they are close (children playing together etc.).
I have not heard about any major crime activity in this area. The worst would be some sort of shoplifting at the local grocery stores, or speeding tickets.
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This area is very nice, removed from busy city activity. There are lots of restaurants and local shopping availability. The parks and recreational centers are awesome. Many small schools and communities work together to create a better environment. My one dislike about this area is that it is more difficult to access highways and public transportation like the light rail. Driving is almost necessary, and it's not ideal. I see the area growing with more families moving in, local restaurants and shops opening.