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I have lived all over Salt Lake City (Sugar House, Downtown, South Salt Lake, West Valley, and Rose Park) and here is what makes Rose Park awesome: (1) It is very quiet, (2) Housing is affordable, (3) Great diversity, (4) Proximity to downtown, (5) Great Mexican food, and (6) Proximity to the airport. Not a perfect area as there is some minor property crime (just lock your cars people), but the area is trending in the right direction and the value for how close it is to downtown is almost too good to be true!
Grew up in Rose Park and it's just like any other neighborhood in Utah. It may not be a s nice, but not as bad as people would think. Very diverse community.
Rose Park has been a great place to live. It isn't a place that I would like to live forever nor will live here forever but has been a good stopping place for my wife and I.
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It gets a bad rap but it's a quiet tree lined neighborhood with lots of families and people walking their dogs.
So far the only reason there has been no crime that I am aware of.
I love this neighborhood because it is quiet and all of the neighbors are very friendly and we look out for one another.
never see cops patrolling crime goes unnoticed
not too much outdoors things to do in my area.
its great in spring/fall winter/summer are extreme
not much to do after 10pm
People who live in Rose Park live here for life. The community is very welcoming and engaged.
This is a close community. We have a great neighborhood watch program. There are many sporting and community events for people of all ages to participate in.
This area is close to many things and places and there is not much traffic. Many people who move to Rose Park love it. Most people who have grown up or moved here do not leave.
Utah has too many great attractions to talk about. For the outdoor enthusiast this is the place you want to be. We have the Greatest Snow on Earth. Numerous state and national parks. Hiking, biking, skiing, climbing, golfing, indoor and outdoor sports, an NBA basketball team, Triple A Baseball team, PAC 12 university, and so much more!
The police and fire personnel are great. They care about the citizens of our community.

The city government is doing all right. They have made some changes regarding transportation to help improve our air quality. These changes include more bike lanes, removing a vehicle lane to include a bike lane, and passing laws regarding idling vehicles.

The state politicians are too involved with the local predominant church. They let the church hierarchy help guide the laws. There is not much separation of church an state here.
My area of town is very diverse. I mean this culturally, politically, and religiously. However, the rest of the state in which I live is very homogenous. They are taught to look, think, and act the same.
Everything here in the west is so spread out. We use our personal vehicles too much. Public transit is available and used but I think we are all very selfish and want to be able to come and go as we please. To do this we need our own vehicles.
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Fitness facilities are close by. There are bike lanes throughout the city. The river trail is easily accessed for use by runners, walkers, bikers, etc.
We have an abundance of outdoor activities in Utah
Because our area is very diverse we do not get many businesses who are interested in opening a store or restaurant here. We always have to drive more than 5 miles for many things.