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In my specific neighborhood the police tend to cruise down the streets more often than not. The crime level isn't the worst, but its not the best either. The crimes are more often seen in the surrounding neighborhoods.
I love Long Beach because of the diversity as well as the 'laid back' atmosphere of most of the people in my surrounding area. I lived here my whole life and I love my hometown.
Some things happen but it depends on the neighborhood.
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I love where I live, I love my city.
Living here is great. The weather is amazing.
its great area to live in. no gang violence at all
Long Beach is a very diverse city that has kept up a good reputation. We are an open city and it's important because it really gives a strong foundation in teaching about being a diverse city.
Lots of drugs make crimes higher in this area
Long beach has stores and salons every where.
Plenty of good city jobs around. One just has to go back to school to be competitive in the job market
There's alot of variety of food.
There is alot ways to travel but the airport in my city is not international.
The beach is not very clean.
They are average they could be alittle more organized.
It is actually great because i always see people exercising outside their homes, like walking or running around the park or the blocks. The hospital is like a few miles away but it is not that very far if their would be any kind of emergency that anyone may have. I stay active by doing situps, walking, Zumba and ect.
People live in this area for maybe twenty years but recently i have noticed that people began to move away because they wanted a different scenery than where they have lived in for most of their life. Also, their are a lot of people and their families that are deeply in love with their pets, i always see people walking their dogs and playing with them. At times, for example if its Halloween or Christmas the community does special events in the parks.
Well, their is a lot of public transportation such as the bus, taxis, metro, and car. People who skate or ride a bicycle must share the road or sidewalk. Sometimes their would be traffic but that is only when people are going to school. their is at times a trivial problem with available parking space because my dad would sometimes park like five blocks or more away from where we live.