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Rose City Park Reviews

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I love the neighborhood. It's close to the max and a few major bus lines. There is a large park that has a playground, ball fields, and a dog park. Everyone I've met is nice and friendly. The only thing I would change is the large and ugly storage unit facility they are building.
Not many abandoned properties, love it here!
I visit my neighbor to see their pets sometime.
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Crime is not all that prevalent over in my area.
I love where I live. Portland is the best!
Outdoor spaces in this area are some of the best I've ever witnessed.
Lots of small businesses, less of an emphasis on big box stores.
The vacancy rate is very low so it can be difficult to find housing.
I haven't been impacted by crime while living in this area, but I am aware of crimes committed nearby.
I love the weather here.
Finding suitable employment here can be a challenge.