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Street lighting is pretty good in Maple Leaf, although it could be a bit better. Most houses in the neighborhood are families or older folks, so not much in the way of trouble. The police aren't too present, but then again it's a pretty peaceful spot.
In less than an hour you can be fully immersed in nature. The Rockies are just down the street. The best of both worlds - big city fun and access to the great Mother Nature.
Small building lots, but it is more economic than cramped. Very efficient use of space, and everything still feels great and nice. People spend time outdoors and you don't need a lot of living space because of that.
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Feel relatively safe for supposed high-crime area.
Zombies present more of a threat.
No place like Seattle for food, drink and dance.
Big city means plenty are fighting for "your" job.
Local means LOCAL, yet chain companies are around.
This area is a really great one to live in, especially if the person is in their 20's-30's or with kids. It provides a welcoming environment with plenty of activities.
People here (especially around Greenlake) take exercise and fitness very seriously, there are frequent runners, bikers, and people walking. There are also several yoga, cross-fit, and weight loss establishments. Overall a healthy lifestyle is highly encouraged and is made easy to obtain.
Cheep and yummy food can be found at both Greenlake and University Way. However throughout the city on streets like Market Way and squares like University Village have a wide range of options for food.
The medical aspect of public service here are excellent because of the influence that the University of Washington has on Seattle. All the other public services are average.
There are few crimes and I often feel safe in this area.
The housing here is good, apartments can be small and expensive but the houses are average.
Northgate, a close by mall, and the stores around Green Lake provide for good businesses.
This area is near Green Lake which provides ample minimum wage jobs in the food, health, clothing, and sports industry.