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My neighborhood is a happy, big, safe community, we are all like a family. We keep watch at night. And if something bad DOES happen, which is rare, we all band together, and keep each other comforted and safe. The police are.... Eh. They are slow sometimes, and don't seem to have the right focus in mind (In my opinion) but they do patrol the neighborhood regularly, and do show up when called.
I see people taking evening walks all the time, I know there are quite a few fitness centers in the area, and even a community center pretty close. Hospitals are pretty decent, it all really depends on how busy it is that day. People are friendly, and nice. I'm pretty lazy myself, but I do go take walks with my family, or take my siblings/neighbors to close parks.
There's a decent amount of parks/playground in the area. I can easily walk my younger brother to a nice playground at anby point. A very child friendly area honestly.
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We don't get much snow in the area, the past few years is the most snow we've gotten. Tornadoes happen every now and then, but only a few times a year, and of course our biggest problems are flooding and hurricanes, because those really will mess up the area for a while...
There's this great place pretty close to home called El Azteca that I HIGHLY enjoy, really great authentic mexican food, great specials, great service, fast service.. I can't say much about the bar scene/nightlife in the area due to the fact I'm 19 and can't drink.
The employment opportunities in the area are okay, although they just weren't for me, I'm totally against regular industry, and THE MAN... The employment opportunities are great though for those we are ready to settle down and live in the area for a while.
The local businesses in my area are pretty decent, I mean we have wal-mart, we have most of the food chains, including taco bell, mcdonalds, etc, and BEST of all, we have THOUSANDS (or at least it seems like it) of 7/11's. And 7/11 is probably my favorite store in the WHOLE entire world. I mean, how can anyone go wrong with a 7/11? SLURPEES and TAQUITOS?! All about some 7/11....