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Jacksonville is one of the oldest cities in the United States. That being said, there isn't particularly that much to do. We're on flat, hot land. They only choices are walking/biking on paths, or water related activities. Parks are small, with not much green.
While I was in high school, I never felt safe. Drug use was common, as was gang affiliation. Students fought all of the time, and there was even an incident where a student brought a gun to school. As for around the area, bad drivers are very common. It's hard to feel safe on the road.
There are a couple work out facilities close, and I imagine that most of the middle age generations (mid 20s-30s) are the most notable people who use them. The younger generation, however, limits themselves to just outside play. I can't speak for all families, but I don't believe that this area is particularly healthy, because of the abundance of fast food options.
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Weather around here is pretty okay. Living in Florida already has the hindrance of bad thunder storms, so their occurrence isn't a problem. For the most part the days are cloudless, and winter is nice because it can get cold, but not too cold.
Mostly mundane options, including popular fast food and restaurant chains.
For someone who is looking for an entry level job, Duval county is not the place to look. I've been looking for about six months now and I have had absolutely no luck.
I live on the outskirts of Jacksonville. There's not much around business wise, and what is around is either small and unknown, or bigger and not taken care of. It's hard to find any variety in what you need. My mother has to drive hours to palm coast because it's the closest Amscot.