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Quiet sense of wellbeing, educated and interesting neighbors. I would change not a thing. Good community closeness.
The HOA is called Roland Park Roads and Maintenance. RPRM reviews applications (only properties "under covenant") and collects HOA dues (nonpayment =“HOA lien”). Not every house is under covenant- sometimes a neighbor w/ a shared wall isn’t, but you are, unfair! Despite being in the HOA depository, RPRM says it isn’t a HOA. Contrary to the Md Homeowners Association Act, RPRM has closed door meetings. We didn’t receive a covenant, because covenant is only transmitted as part of the HOA Document Disclosures- but RPRM insists it isn’t a HOA! In terms of safety, despite having roving Johns Hopkins police, our neighbor across the street was stabbed to death while walking her dogs. People without garages routinely have their cars rifled through when parked on the street, even after diligently ensuring that the cars were locked. RP’s lack of good governance, and unsafe conditions, makes RP less desirable to live in now as compared to when I initially moved in.
The lovely thing about Roland Park is one feels as if one is living in the suburbs, yet one is living in the city. Having a blue ribbon public school is a rarity in Baltimore and one is surrounded by excellent private schools and good preschools all within walking distance. There's a strong sense of community, particularly among families with children. A great library, nearly adjacent food shopping, fun restaurants, an an independent pharmacy a stone's throw away are wonderful perks. It has many things going for it. The old growth trees, green space and stately homes make living here a delight, as are the beautiful trails and two streams. We were amazed by how much house we could afford here compared to our former community in another state.
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I am staying here for more than two years now. I would say it did not disappoint me in terms of safety. I had heard that it's a very safe place to live in an area like Baltimore, MD where you have to really really careful while choosing your neighborhood and I must say it's 100% true. I did not have any problems till date. I go to walk at nights and it still feels safe. Not just that it's a very diverse neighborhood to stay. Also it has all the necessary amenities nearby. Most of the grocery shops are almost at a walkable distance. So in the end I would say this neighborhood will not disappoint you at all. So go ahead and try it.
I love Roland Park. Great schools, beautiful homes, fun pathways, and an amazing location.

However, I am Asian. Chinese to be specific. And this is different. My street, just a few blocks down from Eddies of Roland Park has absolutely no Asians. Never there when I arrived and still none besides myself. It’s not that I dislike that, and it’s not as though I would prefer it. However, I have found that it has shaped me. Roland Park is so filled with Caucasians, I sometimes forget that I am “different". It’s not that I lose sight of who I am and my identity, but I feel so similar, and yet my skin tone and birthplace tell a different story. As the neighborhood has grown, I have sensed somewhat of an addition of different races…an African American family moved down my street just a few years ago. However, they soon left when they felt too dissimilar from the community. I don’t believe this is the fault of anyone in the neighborhood, but perhaps just the neighborhood itself.
Roland Park is a beautiful place in Baltimore city. There are many historic buildings, and many great schools. One problem with having such a historic town is that racism is very prevalent. In the past, there was de jure segregation with sings up saying "no blacks/ no jews." This has made a seamless transition over the years to a very racially segregated community, but now by de facto segregation. Baltimore is one of the cities worst afflicted by red lining and it is very obvious especially in Roland Park. One time, I was walking and saw that a neighbor had even called the police on a black man who was working on one of the surrounding houses because she thought he was breaking and entering. This is the reason I rated Roland Park as 3 for safety. There is not much violence, but for a black person, just being in the neighborhood can sadly be a very dangerous venture.