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I like that Rogers Park have many police cameras on the streets which is beneficial for the people who live in that neighborhood and help them feel more safe. I can probe that after the police have putted more cameras on the streets less robberies have happened. Another thing that I like about Rogers park is that people easily can find public transportantion services, so thanks by that people can transport easily from home to their job.
One thing that I do not like about Rogers Park is that some times there are members from some fans who come and make bad things like shottings and make that innocent people die.
An affordable and diverse neighborhood right on the lake. Redline CTA, Metra and the bus make it easy to travel south into the loop and north into Evanston and the north shore. There are some great little restaurants and bars near the Jarvis and Morse Redline stops - Rogers Park Social and R Public House are definitely favorites.
I love Rogers Park! It has a great, small neighborhood vibe in a big city setting. My street is quiet, often dotted with the sounds of foot traffic and an occasional dog. My local grocery store, Devon Market, is a great, affordable and diverse little supermarket within walking distance. I've also been delighted to find small arts communities and opportunities in the neighborhood, which is an essential to my living experience here!
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Best Neighborhood less crime area I would take this neighborhood over any neighborhood in this Chicago area
I’ve lived in Rogers Park all my life and it is the most diverse neighborhood in Chicago. If you are looking for a close knit neighborhood with a dash of quirkiness then RP is for you. With a variety of restaurants, culture, small businesses, and lakefront views, it is one of a kind. Being able to walk to the lake and to be surrounded by welcoming people are two of the biggest highlights.
Rogers Park is filled with friendly people and a great mix of local and chain shops and restaurants.
I get well with my area because there are many people that I get to hang out and have fun while making out. The only great thing for being a person is that I get to know more people.
i enjoy all the restaurants in rogers park and their diversity. i would like to see the gentrification of rogers park actually stop because i have seen numerous small businesses be driven away.
Rogers Park is the most diverse zip code of Chicago. It is a very community-oriented neighborhood; the community comes together to support one another. The neighborhood has more greenery than most Chicago neighborhoods and has beautiful beaches and parks along the lakefront.
Rogers Park has great access to public transportation, a large variety of places to eat, and is continuously developing. It is close to Loyola University Chicago which makes it a great community of college students, yet welcoming enough for families with younger children.
Friendly, walkable and affordable. Lots of mass transit options. Close to great universities and of course Lake Michigan with its beautiful beaches. Great options for classes, parks, restaurants of all nationalities too.
I live in a predominately Indian/Muslim community. However, I am hispanic. The rent around here is decent. There is always some kind of new food you can try. In the summers, its not as safe as the winters though.
Rogers Park is a very safe neighborhood with amenities very close by such as Warren Park and the Chicago Public Libraries. It has well-conected bus routes such as the 96 that takes you to the red line, 49 that takes you to the Brown line and the 93 that takes you to the purple line. It is also very diverse.
In Rogers Park there is a close community where there are activities that could be done. For instance, if there is a certain sport that you like there might be a club of some sort in the area. If not there is always the possibility of making your own. The public schools are naturally good. It does depend on which one you attend.
Love the neighborhood. Safe neighborhood quite community. Friendly neighbors also beautiful parks and landscapes
I believe Rogers Park is a nice place with lots of opportunities and things to do. From the beach to the college it is always exciting. Rogers Park is also one the most diverse neighborhoods in Chicago. One things that I would like to see change is more safety in the less popular areas of Rogers Park and also a little more focus on the public schools in the neighborhood.
Rogers Park is a nice area. It contains a university, the area is clean, and it is beautiful by the lake. Some areas appear are a little run down, but overall it is nice. There are plenty of places to eat, socialize, and shop. It gets pretty crowded around rush-hour and around the start of the academic school year. It is the perfect distance from the city and from the suburbs. It is a nice, quiet area and a good place to live.
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I've lived in Rogers Park for 5 years. Throughout those 5 years, I've experienced some rough times within myself, but I always had the comfort of my home to fall back on. I've always felt a sense of security within my community. There are some problems with crime, due to Loyola being a home to students who have money which leads to them being targeted for theft. Living in Chicago all my life helped be street smart within each neighborhood. I never had an issue with someone off the street nor the police. There are always cops patrolling, which allows me to believe they really are here to protect their citizens.
I helped make a police report for my friend and they handled it with care.
Additionally, there are many community events that are hosted that include the support of the arts, students, community, etc.
I personally love the Farmer's Market.
Overall, I love Rogers Park because it's accessibility to the beach and its ability to always call it home and mean it.
This neighborhood is very diverse. It is a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds. There are a ahndful of different schools available, public transportation, many different foods to choose from, and there are many resources available!
I live in the Rogers Park area in Chicago. It is clean and quiet. There is a Target right behind my house and a library right up the road. It offers public transportation from one place to another.