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In Rogers Park there is a close community where there are activities that could be done. For instance, if there is a certain sport that you like there might be a club of some sort in the area. If not there is always the possibility of making your own. The public schools are naturally good. It does depend on which one you attend.
Love the neighborhood. Safe neighborhood quite community. Friendly neighbors also beautiful parks and landscapes
I believe Rogers Park is a nice place with lots of opportunities and things to do. From the beach to the college it is always exciting. Rogers Park is also one the most diverse neighborhoods in Chicago. One things that I would like to see change is more safety in the less popular areas of Rogers Park and also a little more focus on the public schools in the neighborhood.
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Rogers Park is a nice area. It contains a university, the area is clean, and it is beautiful by the lake. Some areas appear are a little run down, but overall it is nice. There are plenty of places to eat, socialize, and shop. It gets pretty crowded around rush-hour and around the start of the academic school year. It is the perfect distance from the city and from the suburbs. It is a nice, quiet area and a good place to live.
I've lived in Rogers Park for 5 years. Throughout those 5 years, I've experienced some rough times within myself, but I always had the comfort of my home to fall back on. I've always felt a sense of security within my community. There are some problems with crime, due to Loyola being a home to students who have money which leads to them being targeted for theft. Living in Chicago all my life helped be street smart within each neighborhood. I never had an issue with someone off the street nor the police. There are always cops patrolling, which allows me to believe they really are here to protect their citizens.
I helped make a police report for my friend and they handled it with care.
Additionally, there are many community events that are hosted that include the support of the arts, students, community, etc.
I personally love the Farmer's Market.
Overall, I love Rogers Park because it's accessibility to the beach and its ability to always call it home and mean it.
This neighborhood is very diverse. It is a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds. There are a ahndful of different schools available, public transportation, many different foods to choose from, and there are many resources available!
I live in the Rogers Park area in Chicago. It is clean and quiet. There is a Target right behind my house and a library right up the road. It offers public transportation from one place to another.
Very diverse and lively. Each block has a different ethnical background written all over it. I’m proud to live in this neighborhood.
Rogers park is a good place. It's definitely the most diverse place I've ever been in. The people are friendly and caring. It lacks things to do though.
Rogers park is ok it’s very diverse, lots of different accents. It’s not exactly affordable unless you have a roommate
Most people are nice. There are not a lot of places to go out to. It is not the safest of neighborhoods but there are unsafe r neighborhoods
Rogers park is a very nice place to live. It's diversity is one of the things I really love about it. You have easy access to different types of restaurants from Mexican, American, Ethiopian, Chinese, Jamaican, Haitian just to name a few. It's right by Lake Michigan too which makes summer time really fun. My family rented for one year and last year we decided to buy a property here at Rogers park. We absolutely love it here.
About average neighborhood, not so much trouble going around and very few crime besides the occasional missing or stolen items and break ins to the cars. Fairly friendly and safe.
I have lived in Rogers Park going on three years after spending time all over Chicago. The sense of community and diversity is a huge reason why I love my neighborhood. I live near the Loyola Campus so there is the Loyola red line right at my door step and plenty of restaurants and things to do. I love the 400 theater to go see movies and that I am right on the lake. In the summer the lake is busy but with plenty of space for peace, unlike other Chicago lake beaches.
Diverse and inclusive, still affordable for the north side of Chicago. I grew up in Rogers Park and returned to it after school abroad. I feel that the climate in this neighborhood is always diverse, inclusive and accepting. It's on the east side of the city, which means the lake is near, along with lake shore drive and the red line trains. It is also not too busy. Very well set up for families and those who like a quieter city lifestyle.
Its nice and quite but close to the city and the suburbs! It had the qualities of both from shopping centers to city parks. You're close to evanston so its a fun little city to explore on summer days right by the beach.
Rogers park is a place with so much diversity which shows a lot because sometimes its not always easy to have so much diversity in one area but rogers park does it and it does it well.Everyone in rogers works hard, works together, helpful, and that a beautiful thing to see in a community.
What I also like about rogers park is that nothing is ever to far away from you, If you need a great place to eat there's so many different authentic foods close by from Mexican to Haitian food you can go out to eat with your family. there's a train station close by with my stops near by too, there's many bus's that will take you all around from rogers park to downtown, and also schools you'll find many great schools from pre-k to college all around with great teachers. At the end of the day when you need some time to relax the beach is never to far away so seeing the sun set or going for a swim is always there.
Rogers park is like having a little city in a beautiful small neighborhood.
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I was born and raised in Rogers park in Chicago ,IL Rogers Park is a huge melting pot I grew up with Refugees from other countries in need Africans, asians, latinos, african americans I was exposed too so many different cultures growing up. It allowed me to learn about other people and their cultures and life in other countries.
Family oriented. Very cultured area filled with enthusiasm with everyone you see. it is really nice neighborhood filled with so many restaurants. There is a public transportation that runs most of the day and night. People are welcoming to a new neighborhood so people tend to attract more family oriented families.
One of the last affordable areas in Chicago, Rogers Park is slowly getting cleaned up and is now a relatively safe area in which to live. Rogers Park is one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in the United States, with over 80 languages spoken! More restaurants and bars are starting to pop up there and the commute time downtown is only 45 minutes on the Red Line.