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The area is patrolled by police often. The roads are plowed not that often during the winter time. That is something I would like to see improve. The neighborhood is filled with people who walk their dogs and run in the morning and at night. It is close to several stores and is in walking distance to different schools. Great community and events happen their.
Housing is tricky, in Alaska the cost of living is higher and that is particularly true in housing. The rough places to live are Mountain View (although I have heard it is improving), and Fairview, which both happen to be cheaper houses. There are a lot of nice neighborhoods to live in outside of that area, especially some middle class housing in neighborhoods that stretch a few miles around Providence Hospital and UAA. I have not seen any vacant properties, but overall housing is costly, but if you can get into a better neighborhood it is really nice.
Whenever we see each other on the street we greet each other and say hello. There are so many people in this neighborhood, but somehow we all manage to stay connected and hear about each other. It is a great little community.
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This may be affected because I am a woman, but there is no direct ranking toward what I feel. I feel really safe, most of the time, I know that police are there if I need them, and I know what to do if I am in an emergency. There is only one downside to having a lot of space, and that you need a lot more police than you would in other places. Our biggest crime is rape, so I do not go out at night on the coastal trail, and if I am going camping or hiking I go with someone else. It is safe if you are safe, sometimes the police are three hours away so the biggest safety concern is finding ways to keep yourself safe from things such as rape. Be safe.
I love Anchorage, you never know what you will find next. Bears in your yard, moose in your garden, friendly neighbors, and very interesting people. Overall, I think that most Alaskans are very friendly, we love the outdoors, the snow, the mountains. And, if you ever want to get away, I live five minutes from a forest on foot (It's called the coastal trail, we have a trail going through the city for bikers/walkers, and it is a pretty good sized forest that goes throughout the city, great way to get around). Furthermore, nature is right on your doorstep, 45 minutes and you will reach the forests that you can enter and get lost in. It is amazing to live in a place that is always surprising you, always changing, and is always amazing, at its best and at its worst.
Crime in Anchorage isn't too high. It is mostly from a few concentrated areas. Police are seen regularity.
Anchorage is a great place to live. People are generally friendly and the population isn't too high. It is in close proximity to the mountains and ocean, giving everyone the opportunity to get outside year round. In the winter, however, the sun barely rises most days, creating terrible mood troubles with maybe members of the community. The community is very involved in the arts and performance.
Public transit is terrible, takes a long time and not many options. Politically, the climate has been less tolerant of diversity than I would like in a community. Environmentally, the winters are less enjoyable with climate change causing warmer temperatures, more rain and ice, less snow and skiing.
This part of Anchorage is close to stores and easy to get to anywhere within the city. It is also close to the university and hospitals.