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I have always liked this neighborhood. I worked in this neighborhood which help to influence me to move in this area. I like the fact that the highway is about ten minutes away, Centerpoint is about five minutes, and Trussville is about 7 minutes away. I just wish the neighborhood I live in had sidewalks.
People in my neighborhood seem to maintain their houses pretty well.
People tend to live in my neighborhood for a long time.
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There are some crimes but it's nothing major or effective.
There are not many weather problems in this area .
There aren't a lot of restaurant variations in this area
There are not many job opportunities in my area. Job market is very competitive.
The area is not too bad but it definitely needs improving.
Not the best but in the case of emergencies, help is available.
As with the entire state, a better public transportation needs to be implemented. Without a personal vehicle, not much is easily accessible.
Good when it's nice and sunny but when the rain starts to fall, you better stay indoors. Doesn't flood too often but hails and trees spread debris all over the yards
Low/Minimum wage jobs are bountiful in the area. No real place that offers employment opportunities with advancement.
Great food options whether it's happy hour or just regular lounging. However, no real nightlife to speak of.
Nice restaurants within reasonable distance at various prices so plenty of options to choose from. Small but adequate amount of clothing stores but they cater more to women. Most of what is needed can be found within the area.