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Roebuck would not be my first choice of living due to renovations needed in housing. It can be peaceful in certain areas.
The police station is less than 5 minutes away from my home.The crime rate is extremely low in the neighborhood I live in.The schools are 5-10 min from the station.The police arrive very quickly when contacted.
I love where I live.I live in a safe & welcoming environment.The neighborhood is clean & we do not have crime to occur.The schools are really close.This comes in handy when the students have to walk home.There is a Wal-mart down the street as well as other shopping areas.
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Some of the houses are very beautiful, you just have to keep an eye out for them.
I practically watched one of my neighbors build his family over the years so people here tend to stay for a long time, I've only seen two families move out over the pass 10 years I've lived here.
there are good cops and bad cops, some does their job very well and pay attention to minor details.

Those are the ones that I know care.
the neighborhood could be better but it isn't so bad.
Employment here is not horrible. There are several job opportunities in my city, although it can be difficult to land a job you actually want that pays you more than minimum wage. Most jobs that are quick to hire a person, does not offer the best pay. Jobs that do offer decent pay are harder to get. Job hunting can be really time consuming and frustrating.
The restaurants in my city can vary. It all depends on which part of the city you are in. Locally, there is not as much diversity as for example, downtown.
The majority of local businesses in my community are great. I often find what I am looking for without traveling a far distance to get it. The people are always nice and helpful with customers. Most of the businesses in my community are convenient stores, grocery stores, and gas stations. These stores are really popular and successful in sales; this is why they are able to stay open and not go out of business.