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There isn't too much to do but that gives me a lot of time to focus on me and to do better. The atmosphere and scenery is amazing but it is getting crowded with people pouring in from everywhere else because of the legalization of marijuana.
I love it here its beautiful, the people here are always friendly. Always something to do somewhere. I would rank it number one and I see the community constantly growing in the future and more and more people coming to live here for the experience of Colorado has to offer.
Generally a decent living area with accessible education and eating options.
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I feel like living in Aurora is like living in the hood.
Alot of people are trying to excercise
colorado has some of the best weather
the restaurants are nice but enough night life
I am doing well but my friends struggle
The areas of living are rarely vacant and the people are usually friendly.
The areas to eat are amazing, bars are always busy and haven't quiet seen the club scene yet.
Although Colorado doesn't have a lot of natural disasters, when we have severe our local services help clean up nicely.
The food is very cultural and there are a lot of things to do in my area, such as, there is a hookah bar nearby and there are gas stations.
I grew up there. I made some friends, did some drugs and had fun, but I never would go back to live there. It's so boring.