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Rockwell Park/Hemphill Heights Reviews

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Neighborhood seems quiet. However the HOA is not enforcing people taking care of their yards/grass. Most yards are horrible sbd people should be given warnings to maintenance their yards or get fine. This brings the value down and makes the area look ghetto.
Our neighborhood watch only meet when their is an ongoing issue. And to say the least we haven't had a meeting in the 4 years I've resided here.
Nothing really happens in the neighborhood, truly quiet. People sit on their decks, wave as you drive by. Cut grass in blazing heat, ice cream truck comes everyday. Just a typical neighborhood.
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Overall, the experience is great. The area is clean, accessible to many areas and the community is beautiful. In this area, there is strong diversity and the development of the area
The crime rate in the area is not bad. It is seldom to see a person get killed.
Housing around the area is great. The houses are not the biggest,but the surroundings are very nice
The local businesses in the area are decent. They aren't bad but their not the best. There are several stores that have everything you need to provide for your family and home.
Jobs in this area are moderate. It is difficult to find a decent job with good pay. Many times, you have to work somewhere that you don't want.
Too much construction and too many potholes
Lake Norman is close by.
The YMCA is a great place to go workout.
There are great malls for people to visit.
Police are visible and respond quickly when called.