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Rockaway Park is a comfortable place to be. You are close to the beach and get to breathe in that fresh air. It's like a little escape from the city where you can relax. I don't think it needs any changes of now, as I am very content with the area.
Everyone says hello to you even if you don’t know them. It feels like a small town even though it is located in Queens. Children can play in the street since cars are not allow to park from May to September, and all the neighbors always look out for all the children in the neighborhood just like as if it was their own. This is just two reasons why my neighbor is an awesome place to grow up in.
Area is very diverse. Great beach area for the neighborhood and neighboring communities even other borough residents. Parking can be tight during beach season but definitely everyone can find a place to park. The place is not that commercialized yet but there's a place for visitors to find food. Parks are well kept. Police presence are felt in the areas that needs them. Plenty of summer activities for children. Continues improvements are seen since hurricane sandy
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The neighborhood is pretty face for the most part it surrounded by two schools during the week theres a lot of children around.The police are alert and work 24 hours to ensure the saftey of people.
I spent a majority of my life here i grew and learned so much, even though it might have been the best neighborhood it still home to me. I would live here again we have a large majority of people in the middle and we also have those struggling.
Generally no problems in my immediate area.
A bit isolated. Would like better mass transit options. need new businesses to continue to invest in area.
There isn't much crime; I feel safe in my neighborhood.
I've lived there my whole live and really enjoy it.
The area has been known to not be the safest but now things are changing. I see a lot more police officers and crime rates are getting lower.
New businesses are opening up and there is a lot more things residents can do!
They hire for employment every now and then, but for the most part the businesses around here are stable and secure. If you are looking for work, you'd better already have some experience.
The local businesses are reliable if anything. While there are chain companies here and there, for the most part, it's small-time stores. It's relatively easy to get what you need, between Rockaway Beach and Belle Harbor, and within half a mile radius from here. The Eastern European Deli in Belle Harbor gives access to more unique items only found in those areas, like fresh salted fish and cabbage. You'd need to leave here for other items, though, like Halal items.
There are a number of ethnic restaurants here, and the bar is almost always occupied, no matter what time of the year it is. It's a predominantly Irish-Italian neighborhood, with some East-European culture mixed in. If you want Polish or Japanese food, go up about half a mile. Otherwise, expect to see Italian pizzerias of fair quality, Chinese food, and occasionally some Dominican food.
There isnt much to do out here. The jobs are good paying jobs and alot of them are taken by teenagers
There are alot of stores but in walking distance.