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It's not bad. Lived here all my life, but it's only enjoyable in the summer when everything is lively. Whenever it's winter time, it's beyond cold here.
Literally, everything you ever need is in the same general location on the Peninsula. I just wish it was a bit more cleaner, less lots of empty land, and more public transportation connections.
I love the environment, the diversity and all that it brings to my life and my family's life every season. With the boardwalk redone and the other updates after Hurricane Sandy Rockaway has really come far and still has so much potential.
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A cute beach town where everyone knows each other, kids play in the street, and you can leave your doors unlocked at night. Great sense of community and very safe. Not many stores so 'going out' and getting jobs can be difficult especially in the winter when it's not beach weather.
Rockaway Beach is a close community where I feel at home. There is always fun things to do and and I love spending time at the beach.
Rockaway is a safe neighborhood with very friendly people although it can be a little too small at times.
It's a very friendly community
I hate this area. There are gunshots and the airplanes fly directly over my house.
Local Business is average within this area. To find exceptional businesses is somewhat rare, but overall the quality of business services are okay.
Employment within the area is okay, but they are not high quality jobs. Many jobs available consists of fast food and grocery clerk jobs. High quality jobs out here are very rare.
Majority of the time it's a lot colder than other areas.especially because we're by the water.
Nothing really out here but fast food.
The people here are different but welcoming.
A lot of people are overweight. I know people that work out at the playgrounds near the beach.
We need some restaurants out here. A lot of people are moving out here being that buildings and neighborhoods are being renovated.
There are no restaurants out here, aside from fast food. There are numerous drug stores not too far in location (Cvs.Rite Aid). We have plenty if grocery stores out here.
Everyone comes here for the beach. That's pretty much it.
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Many people travel towards the city for jobs.
The community is okay. The people are friendly. As for events,there are always events but the advertising and promotion of events are bad.
There's little to no crime in the area. I always feel safe when walking home, even after midnight.