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Aside from recent gang activity, it is usually pretty safe. I am not worried
Im living in a good part of little rock. I feel safe and it is affordable!
Although a great neighborhood, there have been a few car thefts, house robberies, and bank robberies in my area. The police patrol my neighborhood day and night and are very helpful and visible when there is a need, however the crime is still prevalent.
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Overall, my neighborhood in Hillsborough has been a memorable place for me to live throughout my later childhood years. My neighbors have always been inviting and the community is something I will miss while I'm in college. It has a nature and family friendly atmosphere that is exemplified through its park and pool area in the middle of the neighborhood. One of my favorite things about where I live is that my house is encompassed by mountains and is surrounded on all sides. If I had the option to move back to Little Rock in the future, I would love to live where I am now, however there are other parts of town I would want to experience as well. Personally, there is a part in Little Rock called the Heights and Hillcrest that has classy and old fashioned houses in well organized neighborhoods. If I were to move back to LR after college those would be options for me as well. Little Rock is on its way to becoming a safe and family friendly city with beautiful nature and scenery.
There's not a lot of crime nor safety issue in this area, and that's why the police are not around as much. I really don't have any concerns when I lived here because for two years that I lived in this area, I never heard about a crime.
I like to live where I live now. I moved to Arkansas during 2007 and everything are getting better, because my family now owned a house and the place we lived in are beautiful. I like the neighbors and environment that's here because it's a great place to interact with others. If I could to chose to live here again, I would, and that's why I want to stay in Arkansas for my educational plan.
People tend to live nice lifestyles. Everyone loves to walk to neighborhood in nice weather. Our community is very pet friendly. Everyone is able to have any animal he or she would like to have
There is hardly any crime ever in my neighborhood. The area is very safe. Kids are able to play outside with other kids down the street. Everyone is really safe in my neighborhood and we have never encountered any issues in all of our years living there.
I would definitely choose to live here again when I become a little older and able to purchase a home. I feel my neighborhood now is very quiet, nice neighbors, nice people. Everyone is always nice and speaks to each other even if you are just walking the neighborhood.
Not the most expensive but very nice
Feel like a broken record. Some places are good some are not so good... makes it "OK".
I live in an HOA community, so I have it better than most. But in close areas, the housing is not as good or maintained.
I live in a better part of town. However, there are parts of town that I would not travel to after dark, and there are a few that I will not go to at any time due to safety issues.
The area is beautiful, with lots of natural beauty. The city is getting run down, and local government is stagnant.
There are lots of great stores and restaurants. There are all the popular retail stores you could think of and if a restaurant goes out of business another will replace it very quickly.
I feel safe in my particular neighborhood. The only thing I would worry about is theft and home invasion which seems to be on the rise.
The weather is relatively mild. The summers are hot and very humid. The fall and spring are both good temperature wise. And the winter is cold but not unbearable and it only snows a couple times per year.
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I love the local restaurants here. Big Orange and Bravo are great. There is also an amazing liquor store.
There are lots of local restaurants around, but most of the stores are chains. Not many mom-and-pop shops. There is a lot of variety in the stores though.
It's okay. There are jobs in almost all fields, but not all are available.