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sometimes we see some of our neighbors selling weed in the streets.
People use the parks around here and exercise by running or walking around the park.
it can get very hot in the summer but its a beautiful place i love the weather
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business are good in this area alot of them have been here for 20 plus years and hold alot of history
I love the food and drinks here all of the restaurants are worth visiting
we have a lot of forclosed homes i tghink if we got them fixed up more and on the market they would sell in no time.
the crime and safety rate can go up and down for me i do believe the area is getting better and with the new federal funding to help with our police departments .
The safety in our neighborhood is fine.
The local businesses around this area is very great. The stores are quite well, and the variety of them. Of course, it's not like in a big city, with retail stores all around, but there are enough.
There aren't really any sidewalks , but there is a bike trail for pedestrians
People have very different jobs and yet most are the same. We have hair stylists, company owners, farmers, clerks, and cashiers.