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The housing is good and usually above average. There is some prevalence of vacant or abandoned properties due to the fact that this area is big on real estate and people do sale their houses. This area is pretty safe to live in.
People that move to this area tend to stay here due to the fact that there is a sense of community. People that grew up here usually stay in this area because they feel that it is a good place to have a family and pets.
The quality of housing in this area ranges from low to high. However, the housing is typically good or fair. The cost of housing and utilities is normal compared to everywhere else in the nation. The shell road area in Hampton is one of the worst areas to reside. Also some parts of Newport News I would not recommend.
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The community is pet/family friendly in a lot of ways. Community events are held usually in the summer and during holidays such as "community day" and easter egg hunts. Also events are held near the beach. There is a good sense of community because people to engage in a number of community activities.
Area is mostly safe. Few crimes. Police are aware.
Overall a good place to live and it's near water.
This area is nice but it is boring. I hope to move away to an area like DC or northern VA where there are more activities.
Not much to do , not many jobs