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Very diverse neighborhood, lots of greenery and gardens, lots of families...Great location to live in!
The most diverse neighborhood in Milwaukee. Has a real neighborly feel, despite proximity to more rundown, dangerous parts of town. Plenty of fun places to go for a meal or a drink. Great parks too!
Riverwest is a thriving, diverse, affordable neighborhood less than 10 minutes from downtown Milwaukee. There are ample opportunities for nightlife, creative pursuits, and healthy living, and residents are devoted to maintaining a close-knit community.
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Riverwest is vary diverse. Young, old, single, married couples, families, Black, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, LGBTQ, straight, Grungy, Hipster, dog walkers,urban farming, traditional culture, the list goes on. This neighborhood is very welcoming. I'm so glad I live here! If I could change something, it'd be adding a grocery store. There's one a mile or so, but for the elderly and disabled it is hard.
Riverwest is a hidden gem in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This neighborhood has the greatest sense of community and willingness to help each other. Not only that but we have a great, albeit small, farmers market. Whenever something happens to a fellow neighbor we all do our best to reach out and help. There are great resources here for those in need including but not limited to; a recovery home for women and their children, a recovery home for young men, and a food pantry. It's fantastic! One thing I would change and I would change it everywhere if I could, would be the crime. It's not terrible but it always makes me so sad to see another home or car broken into. Overall Riverwest is a fantastic place to live and would recommend it to anyone.
River west is a diverse and growing area full of artists of every kind. Music pours from a wide range of venues. Center street alone is home to a dive bar, jazz bar, tiki bar, club, and rock & roll venue. Visual artists, dancers, and spoken word is regularly witnessed by the diverse crowd co-existing. Locally owned restaurants ranging from dirt cheap to pricey meals cater to each and every hunger; you just have to decide on a cuisine! A local garden that assists in supporting local restaurants and markets is worked by the locals. River west not only has a rising performance scene but its night life is a steady stream of laughter and great company.