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Not the safest area but police are always nearby.
Prostitution every night, looks and sounds like grand central station. There are condoms and other things left in our yards and in our drive ways. Many children are afraid to walk to school. Most parents have called the police but nothing seems to change. Overall the people in this community are tired of trying to fight crime and afraid of the pimps in our area.
Over the years this area has been sort of neglected to say the least. Crime in off the walls, constant prostitution at ungodly hours of the night, and most families are struggling to make ends meet. There are some students around where I live that are going to college, but it is difficult for us to go to college while trying to work to support ourselves and help out all the members of our families.
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There's not really any crime in the area so it's a great place to live!
It's generally very quiet around here except from the occasional teenage party. Regardless, the neighbors are very nice.
Not much crime around my area.
It is a good place to be raised.
The crime and safety in the area of Santa Ana that I live in is not bad. There can always be improvements in any situation.
Santa Ana is a wonderful place to live. I hear stories that it's very dangerous to live here, but I have honestly never seen anything terrible. Your typical police officers and firefighters will charge down Euclid every month, but it's not as the media portrays it.
The crimes rate has been increasing
I see this area being remodel in the future for the better.
Around my area there is usually no crime and it's safe because we have Santa Ana Police like a block away. My neighbor is usually quite.
I feel like where I live is a nice place to raise a family. There are schools, grocery stores, and other nearby places that are very convenient at all times. My home also has lots of nice big trees, enough parking, and is a residential home which decreases the traffic. Most of the neighbors living around my home have lived there for years which is nice because we get to know the neighbors well.
overall, it is a safe and stable place to live
This area is close to my college, and market places so it is some how convenient for me
I love living in SoCal
Santa Ana is a beautiful city, it has it's history. But I am a proud Santanera.
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I feel like my area is pretty good low crime, good services and easy to get where you want to go with public transport.
The atmosphere is doable. I would not live here again if I could do it all over again because there is very little progress in the community.
Crime doesn't happen often but just once in a while.