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There is a lot of crime in this area. The police do have most of it under control in a timely manner. However, the community needs to be more involved.
There has been questionable actions by people in the state government that has made me weary. As for police/fire station, they have been doing great in the area for awhile.
The nature around the area I live kinda sucks but drive about 5 to 10 minutes away and you can find outside activities you are looking for.
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We mostly get all four seasons. The past few years in this area we haven't been getting a lot of snow and in turn have had dry summers but other than that, the weather is great!
There are a lot of unique and diverse restaurants around the area. Some of them are great places to go hang out and have a good time. I would suggest going more towards West Seattle at night time rather than White Center though. White Center can get really scary at night.
Most of the employment opportunities around here are entry level jobs. However, that doesn't mean that they are easy to get a hold of. If I wanted to get a better paying job, in the field that I am in, I have to venture out a little bit.
This area has many stores that you need, however the safety surrounding the area is questionable. For the stores themselves, they are useful and, most of the time, clean.
We have a blog called "The West Seattle Blog" It is pretty aware of accidents and crimes that are around the area. They provide good information on all sorts of news and the update the blog daily.
I really do love the nature here in Seattle it is absolutely beautiful
The weather is very mild. We have rain and nice sunny days. There is nothing too extreme.
There are the good and the bad. The area that I am currently living in isn't the greatest place but I would say there are good hole in the wall places. But you would need to invest time to actually look for the good ones.
West Seattle Is continueing to grow.
West Seattle is a great community for families. A lot of local stores and restaurants.