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The police are great in Portland. Bad things sometimes do happen when people feel too safe. The police are used to working on big issues and are friendly but help when needed. Police in other towns are worse and rude. Small crime isn't a big issue.
Home-like and calm atmosphere crossed with businesses and activity. Very local.
Portland, Maine is a wonderful city. It is extremely versatile and offers a great amount of activities for people of all ages. I love how close and convenient everything in the city is. One of the only complaints I have is that there is limited free parking in the city, you have to pay for plastic bags at all businesses, and it is extremely difficult to find housing.
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Since it is a small community, Portland is growing which means less people can get enough jobs that pay well.
Portland is a small area. There are not a lot of places to go. It is very limited especially if you are under 21
There isn't excellent about anything around my area. They are very average
I really feel safe in this area, i have seen or heard of crime around here, i would say it is a safe place to live in.
public services in this area is really helpful, they respond as soon as you need them.
The weather in winter time is bad i do not like it, in summer it is great i love it, in spring it is rainy but it's okay and in fall it is okay.
There is something for everyone in my area, although it may not be what people desire doing, it is income. There are many small businesses, yet there are also various warehouses and boat docks, we are well known for our seafood. The restaurant industry here thrives heavily.
so many people that I know of in my area work on beginning their own businesses, however with the economy it is difficult to afford to fulfill your dreams without concern. The small business that do thrive are very well known and gain so much support through our local community.