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Riverside Reviews

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There is no need to go to a bigger city to shop, Wichita has everything you need.
Jobs can be found for anyone here.
Housing prices and utilities are comparable and affordable.
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There is some crime here but the police are quick to act and catch anyone committing a crime. The public is also helpful in being aware and reporting suspicious activities. I feel very safe here. We can sleep with windows and back door open in summer, walk safely on walking paths without fear of being molested. Streets are well lit, traffic stops for pedestrians, people watch out for each other.
Kansas has all four seasons, sometimes in one day. Spring is pleasant and usually wet and mild. Summers are nice but can become extremely hot and have risk for droughts and severe storms with tornado's although none have ever hit Wichita. Autumn is beautiful with clear crisp days, a beautiful transition to winter. Winter can sometimes be harsh with frigid temperatures and lots of snow, but then some years it has mild temperatures and little snow.
There are many small shops but not many large retail stores in the area.
There are many small shops for teens to work, and it's close to downtown where larger more professional businesses are centered.