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Living here has been most interesting. The nights are peaceful, which is a great thing compared to where we lived before.
The renovation of the western ave exit/on ramp to I-5 needs to end. It's been 4 years that we're living in dust. How many years does the City need to plant some flowers and grass and pour a little asphalt to build the fwy on ramp?!
very high cost of housing for the quality of apartments offered. apartments do not meet the bare minimum, a lot of work needed to maintain these apartments but they are ignored all the time. Windows and doors are very energy inefficient. very old. desperate for upgrades.
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children/minors are left to play and run around by the busy street on their own. No adult supervision is present.
The Lake st. convenience store can use some upgrades, it can use perhaps a sanitary inspection.

Chevron is great.

The body shop on the corner of Victory-Western is very loud and annoying, they park all their banged up accident cars in front of our apartments and leave no parking for the residents. This has to stop.