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Riverside Park Reviews

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It's always been calm around the area, and their we're always kids playing in the streets.
Its ok for the most part, there is a part near the savlvatoin army, where you can get jumped late at night
Its a pretty ok place for the most part
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the parks are awesome and family friendly, public transportation is slowly improving but is not perfect yet.
I am in sunny south Florida, it is the best. we get random sun showers on occasion but besides that every day is a day at the beach. when it is hurricane season we typically know in advance when the storm is approaching.
Jobs here are not that bad but they are very difficult to find. every where is hiring but most times you cant get an interview if you dont know someone that works there or have a specific number of work experiences.
there is a bar/club called America's Backyard. It is a outside nightclub that has a bar on the roof, downstairs is the dance floor with a mini bar with barista's that serve custom drinks. it is not that expensive but it is extremely fun to be there. there is a great atmosphere there
they businesses in my area are top notch when it comes to price and quality. not to mention the employees are the nicest people i've ever met.
Theres quite a few malls around and outlets that have many big companies
There are quite a few stores around the area and new places being built all the time so its a fairly consistent job opportunity