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I love the elementary school, it's very old and historic. The teachers and family's are great. The only thing I'd change is parking lol.. overall riverside is a great place, historic and quiet. I live living here.
Like most cities, it depends on where you live. I feel safe in my neighborhood, but there are areas of town that I would not feel safe in during the day. I avoid those areas and I don't worry about crime very often.
I like that I live in a quiet neighborhood, but there is always something to do nearby. Having the beach a short drive away is great. The city has a lot to offer, you just have to look for it.
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Crime does happen sometimes in my neighborhood but these are only things that I have heard on the news. I have never seen crime with my own eyes.
I love my neighborhood although I would not walk alone at night. The bars and restaurants are great and the parks are fun when the weather is nice. I would recommend people to move into my neighborhood.
Despite a few issues, its a beautiful neighborhood with relatively low crime, surrounded by restaurants, parks, churches, and the river.
This area is very heart-warming and I will stay.
Health insurance and banking are two of the largest areas of employment in Jacksonville.
Hovan is a locally owned Mediterranean restaurant in the Five points area of Riverside. The cuisine is authentic and the staff are a pleasure to interact with. Hovan hands down has the best gyros in town. It also features a patio area right in the center of Five Points were you can overlook the area filled with shops.
you only have to be worried about people coming in from other neighborhoods
most people are very friendly
the best local restaurants in the area
Less options for low level jobs