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Riverside is a very Divers community. High risk for crime and not safe to walk at night. Very few Stores to shop at, but have very good restaurants to eat at. It would be nice to see a little bit of business development in this area.
Great location in buffalo. Perhaps not the safest but close to everything. It also has nice big parks and beautiful sunsets.
Buffalo usually isn't known for how safe it is, but it has definitely improved over the last ten years. To be honest, I believe it's good to have some issues in neighborhoods because it teaches people to stand up and not be easily afraid. If there are issues, police usually get there but it takes a little while. But the police officers in Buffalo are very nice and are always looking out for kids on the streets and at parks.
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Buffalo, the absolute best place to live in! The people here are kind and always are willing to lend a hand. There have been many changes in Buffalo in the last few years due to many renovations downtown. It's a safer and nicer area to be around. The building of Canalside has helped turn Buffalo into a better city. People are coming together to have free workouts, make arts and crafts, ride in boats, and just gaze at the beautiful canal. Buffalo is a city like no other!
To be honest, the crime in this area is hard to ignore. I refuse to stray far from home unless I'm in my vehicle or with people I can trust. Some parts are beautiful, but the majority is trashy. Gun violence, gang violence, and sexual violence is not uncommon. Cops are generally unreliable. They can either come in five minutes or two hours. It's all based on the luck of the draw. I'm concerned not only for my life but for the lives of children, adolescents, and even adults at all times.
My area has the opportunity to become better. Schools are graduating more students per year, job growth in a positive direction, and public services are fairly consistent. However, adolescent pregnancy is sky rocketing, gang violence/gun violence is on the rise, and pedophiles trying to snatch children is becoming more frequent. If given the choice, I would prefer to leave my community and live elsewhere. In the future, I feel that the direction depends on the actions taken today. If effective policies and enforcement are placed now, we are likely to see a shift towards a positive spectrum. On the other hand if nothing is done to control the epidemic, the community will spiral into the negative spectrum.
The people in the neighborhood seem to like their community. The city park, a river flowing through and access to a shopping district seem to fulfill people lives.
Grocery/drugstores in this area are easy to access because there is just about one on every corner. They are extremely convenient and you can get everything you need in this area.
I've recently had Mike's Sub and I'm in love. Their steak and cheese sub us amazing.